for yourself and
for those you lead

for yourself and
for those you lead

I’m Whitney Bishop, Change Agent.

I help leaders, change agents, movers, shakers, entrepreneurs, creators & fantastic human beings like you get better results for themselves and those they serve, and better results from those they lead.

I will challenge you to change the game by designing a practical and powerful process 
for bringing your possibilities to life.

We will develop a system for accountability that keeps your energy high, your commitment strong, and your momentum building.

Let’s Get Results

Get Curious

I help leaders like you get clear about the questions you’re asking, the ones you’re not asking and the one’s you need to ask in order to get the results you seek, or something better.

I can help you make eye contact with the change or challenge you’re facing, seeing it for
what it really is- Opportunity.

Create Memorable & Impactful Experiences

I design & deliver experiences for leaders that help them create new possibilities and effective practices so they can have greater impact and influence in their lives, the lives of those they lead and those they serve.

Expand Your Possibilities

I’m here to support your growth and expansion – as a leader in your life and in the lives of others.

“I hired Whitney to create and deliver a workshop we called, “The Big Leap Event.” Her energy, enthusiasm and engagement with the audience made this one of the best workshops we have ever produced at sparkspace. She has an amazing ability to make powerful concepts incredibly practical.

Mark Henson
Chief Imagination Officer / Sparkspace

“We have a terrific team at Idealogy, but had a couple of stubborn challenges we needed help addressing. Whitney quickly got to the heart of those challenges, engaged our staff in developing solutions and accepting accountability for execution- and made the process a very pleasant one for everybody. She arrived completely prepared, facilitated with thoughtfulness, insight, skill and humor, and exceeded everyone’s expectations. We would hire her again in a heartbeat.”

Allen Howie
Principal & Creative Director / Idealogy Marketing + Design

“Whitney is a master facilitator and trainer. She does the work upfront to make sure she hits the mark and delivers exactly what her client needs. Her positive energy and excitement for helping others comes through in her work and makes every interaction constructive. Whitney’s ability to be inclusive, yet, firm in her approach can win over the strongest skeptics. She is equally poised and professional working with executives in the C suite or frontline staff.”

Theresa Reno-Weber
CEO / Metro United Way Louisville

“After nearly 30 years in business management, I think I’ve seen every possible management training seminar/leadership bootcamp/change management experience on the planet. I’ve walked out of many of them in the first two hours when I realized they were tired retreads of something else. What a breath of fresh air it is to experience Whitney Bishop! She brings genuine energy and excitement to problems that may be as old as dirt. She gets attendees engaged and is candid about her assessments and willing to say what needs to be said.
If you aren’t looking for change or improvement – DO NOT CALL HER.
If you are, you can’t call her quickly enough.

Maggie Payette Harlow
Owner / CliffDivers, Signarama Downtown, Transworld Business Advisors

Are you ready to create positive change?

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