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April 17th – July 3rd, 2016


Design Your Deliberate Life is an invitation to explore what your life could be like if you lived your life more deliberately. It’s an experience that, if you allow it, will transform the way you think, the decisions you make, the actions you take and the possibilities you create. It’s an opportunity to gain greater clarity, confidence and commitment in all areas of your life.


This is your time to explore, experiment and engage in a way you haven’t given yourself permission to before. What would be different if you were to live and work by design, not default? How would this impact your life, the lives of those you love, the lives of those you lead and the lives of those you serve?

  • You’re ready to push beyond your usual excuses to achieve something different.  
  • You’re curious about what’s possible in your life.  
  • You’re willing to ask yourself some deeper, more thoughtful questions and live in the discomfort of the answers.  
  • You’re willing to do the work, to be engaged and participate.  
  • You’re ready to invite a different level of accountability into your life.
  • You’re ready to live by design, not by default.

  • You want to continue to argue for your limitations.  
  • You are overly skeptical or cynical or certain.  
  • You are not willing to ask yourself some deeper, more thoughtful questions and live in the discomfort of the answers.
  • You are not willing to do the work, to be engaged and participate.
  • You believe you don’t need any additional accountability in your life.

Program Experiences - non bold

  • Welcome Kit – filled with all sorts of goodies to prepare you for a great experience  
  • 3 One-on-One Strategy Sessions – to help you focus on the 3 changes you’re willing to make during the course of the program  
  • 12 Lessons – weekly lessons include relevant quotes, resources, journalling prompts, worksheets and key questions designed to help you get clarity around the things that are holding you back or moving you forward – delivered to your inbox and available in the online classroom 
  • 3 Group Q & A Sessions – discussion of lessons, tips, strategies, tools & techniques for moving forward and being more deliberate! (Zoom video sessions, replays available)
  • Secret facebook Group
  • Access to materials and facebook group through 2016

Weekly Lessons - non bold

  1.  Beginnings – How you start anything is how you start everything  
  2.  Self-Awareness – Become a Student of YOU
  3.  Questions – Ask better questions, get better results
  4.  Language – Change your words, change your life
  5.  Fear – Explore the fears & challenges that accompany growth
  6.  Surround Yourself – Explore your surroundings and how they impact your results
  7.  Presence – How can being fully present serve you?
  8.  Being Decisive – Decision-making
  9.  Managing Expectations – Get clear about what you expect from yourself & others and learn how to make meaningful changes for greater results.  
  10.  Embrace and Invite Accountability
  11.  Make the Most of Change – Learn to navigate change with greater ease
  12.  Endings – How do you wrap things up in your world?



Design Your Deliberate Life is a transformative program. Self-reflection isn’t always easy, but Whitney makes it fun and pays attention to the important details. The thought provoking questions and exercises have really changed the way I approach my daily life and career.”

–Diane Fleming

Design your Deliberate Life with Whitney Bishop was a life changing experience in so many ways. I had gotten stuck personally and professionally and felt I was in a dark tunnel trying to survive my life. Whitney’s weekly lessons with activities called me to action with new perspectives and invites to think more deeply and live more fully. The weekly accountability calls were energizing, creative and full of good suggestions. I am now able to experience more joy and less stress in my life. I am more present to my family and clients. I am experiencing positive momentum in many areas of my life and have even made some of my travel dreams come true with trips planned to Los Angeles, South Dakota and Colorado! This experience was well worth my time, energy and money.”

–Carol Frame

If you’re ready to Design Your Deliberate Life,