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Monday Meeting Tip: Don’t Leave Them Hanging – Tips for Closing Your Meetings with Confidence & Clarity

How many of your meetings actually never “end?”  Eventually, you run over time and people start excusing themselves and you’re left with a few stragglers who are desperate for you to release them.  Ever led or attended one of these never ending meetings? Don’t Leave Them Hanging! As part of …

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Monday Mission #31

Make 3 Changes™ Monday Mission #31: Meetings that Matter – The Honor of Your Presence is Requested

SEPTEMBER THEME: Meetings that Matter Mission #29 – How to Plan & Prepare with Purpose Mission #30 – Lead the Way: Facilitation Strategies for Meeting Leaders Mission #31 – Presence: Taking Ownership & Being Accountable for How YOU Show up in Meetings   MAKE 3 CHANGES™ MONDAY MISSION #31:  Meetings that Matter …

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