Learning to Invest in Myself

For years I convinced myself that I wasn’t worth investing in.  I believed that the limited time, money or talent I had just HAD to go to other people, to benefit others first.  And then there was the shadow side of that.  After pouring out and denying myself for a period of time, I went in the other direction, to the extreme.  Spending lots of time and money on myself because “I deserved it” or “I’d earned it.” Sound familiar?

Our family history, how we’re raised, the beliefs of our parents or those close to us shape our early beliefs about life. Money and self-care are two things we form opinions about before we even understand them fully.  In some cases, in my case, those beliefs were not serving me.

And so I decided I needed to change that.  The first big investment I made in myself was therapy.  I continue to invest in my therapy to undo, unravel all that needed undoing and unraveling.  The biggest benefit, however, has been acceptance and understanding of who I am, how I work, how I have processed my story and how I choose to change the story.  Traditional talk therapy, combined with energy therapy have enabled me to become more of myself for myself and those I lead.  This investment continues today and will continue as long as I feel I am benefiting from the experiences and insights they provide.

The second big investment I made was in my education, the first big change I featured in a recent post.  6 ½ years of night school, online classes and a whopping student loan.  Every single moment and dollar has been worth it. Giving up that much time and energy was a big deal at that time in my life. In the time I was getting that degree I got engaged, married, bought my first house with my new husband, kids transitioning from elementary to middle and to high school.  There was a LOT going on.  And it remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The third big investment I made was in my personal & professional development.  I continue to read, study, take workshops, attend seminars and hire coaches to help me gain new skills and knowledge and hold me accountable for the things I say I want to accomplish.  Hiring coaches was particularly hard for me because one of the other beliefs I grew up with was “It’s nobody else’s business” and “You should just be able to handle that yourself” or “You don’t need any help.” Sound familiar?

Let’s talk about you…

  • What investments have you made in yourself that have really paid off?
  • What challenges or sacrifices did you make to prioritize investing in yourself?

I’d love to hear from you! Tell me your story!

I’m starting something pretty special next month. Starting in December and ending with a weekend retreat in early March, we’ll work together to help you get a jump start on your best year yet.  While other folks are distracted by the holidays and year-end activities, you’ll be prioritizing becoming your best self.  Maybe that’s an investment you’d like to make in yourself.  Look for more details coming soon!

Interested in exploring creating some possibilities of your own and making changes?  I’d love to be of service!  Book a clarity conversation with me.



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