Make 3 Changes for a Delightful December

Focus on the present instead of the presents.

There’s something about this time of year that can bring out your best and your worst.  In your earnest desires to be all things to all people this time of year, it’s possible you are spreading yourself too thin.  It’s possible that your expectations and reality will not match up.  It’s possible that even with your best intentions, you might miss it all as you whirl around in a frenzy of activity.   Make 3 Changes for a different experience!

I invite you to take a deep breath, sit back and ponder how you would prefer to experience all the delight that December has to offer.  It’s a great time to receive and extend Grace.  It’s a great time to scale back the madness and focus on the present instead of the presents.  It’s a great time to reflect upon the year and document some of the highlights.

I present to you my tips to Make 3 Changes to create a more delightful and a more deliberate December…

  1. Manage Expectations.  Let go of the need for perfection.  Let go of the expectation that Aunt Judy or Uncle Joe, Mom or Dad, brother Bill or sister Susie are going to magically transform into different people.  Let go of the expectation for how someone will receive your gift.  Give yourself and others the gift of Grace.  Give yourself and others permission to show up differently.  Give yourself permission to not react or respond the way you typically do when triggered by people, places or differing perspectives.  Stay open and curious without being attached to things looking or going a certain way.
  2. Be Fully Present.  “You will always remember the moments you were truly present for.” Think about that for a moment.  Be IN the moments that you celebrate this season.  Put the phone away.  Turn the TV off. Sit around the table and soak it in.  Life is short and the moments and experiences you have this season will be precious. Be there for them. Find ways to be more present, more engaged and more mindful.
  3. Take time to reflect, give thanks & capture the moments.  At the end of the day, take a moment to reflect and give thanks for the experiences you’ve had.  Write down your thoughts.  Capture the stories and funny moments.  They fade over time.  I keep a weekly appointment book by my bed and each night I make a few notes about the day’s activities, the magical and the mundane.  Less commitment than a journal and yet the essence of my life, my experience is captured.  The moments that mattered to me, that made up my life that year, are all there.  I treasure these little time capsules now and know they will be around for the kids and grandkids after I’m gone. They can look back and see that every phone call, every moment we enjoyed together, made the book.  ;)

Let’s talk about you…

  • What expectations could you manage a little differently?
  • How could you increase your presence during all the moments and experiences the season brings?
  • How will you choose to reflect upon, express gratitude for and document the moments and experiences of this season, this year?

Declare & Share!

The questions above aren’t meant to be rhetorical.  There’s real power in taking the time to write things down, to say them out loud, to share them with another person. I always enjoy your responses. Email me! I’m collecting great stories & experiences to share in lots of new ways next year.  I’d love to feature you and your story.



About Whitney Bishop

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