Make 3 Changes™ Monday Mission #17 – The Absence of Accountability

Make 3 Changes™ Monday Missions


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Mission #17:  The Absence of Accountability – April 25


MAKE 3 CHANGES™ MONDAY MISSION #17: The Absence of Accountability

Here’s what I have learned about the absence of accountability.

Short, sweet and to the point…

1.  The absence of accountability is at the root of why you are staying stuck.

2.  The absence of accountability is the reason why you are not moving forward.

3.  The absence of accountability is why there are so many “elephants in the living room” of your life, the lives of those you love, lead and serve.

You may have an immediate reaction that sounds like, “That’s not true” or “That seems harsh.” Let it soak in for a moment and see if you can find where this IS true in your life.

This I Believe…

If you’re not holding yourself accountable, you’re allowing yourself to rationalize, justify or excuse behavior and actions that are moving you further away from what you say you want.

If you’re not actively engaged in an accountability relationship of some kind – be it a friend, a coach or a boss – then you’ll continue to get away with not doing the things you say you’ll do.  Most people are uncomfortable holding others accountable, even if it’s their formal or informal role to do so.  

The uncomfortable feeling of holding yourself and others accountable causes you to turn a blind eye to things out of protecting someone’s feelings or to avoid conflict.  The fear of offending or hurting someone’s feelings keeps you from helping others to grow and to learn.

Do You Know What it Feels Like?

Can you remember a time when you were held accountable for something in a respectful way?  Do you remember how it felt to not be let off the hook, but invited to have an honest exchange about the ways in which the situation unfolded and the subsequent consequences?  Do you remember the pit in your stomach?  Do you remember the growth?  Have you made strides in that particular area of your life, not making those same mistakes or failures again or as often?

THAT is the blessing and the power of accountability.  

MONDAY MISSION #17:  Acknowledging The Absence of Accountability & Agreeing to be More Accountable 

MAKE 3 CHANGES™ towards greater accountability in your life.

1.  Acknowledge where having more accountability in your life would benefit you.  Be really honest about it.  Create a goal or a new habit you are willing to make a priority for the next month. Acknowledge where you are not holding someone else in your world accountable.  Where are you giving extension after extension? Where are you allowing excuses and circumstances to get in the way of a commitment or obligation being honored?

2. Accept personal responsibility.  Own up to these places in your life where you are not accepting responsibility or inviting accountability. No judgment. No self-criticism. Move towards acceptance of what is and a willingness to make the decision to take responsibility or invite accountability.  Define the action or actions you are willing to take to move forward.

3.  Create a new relationship with accountability.  Take action.  Find an accountability partner.  Sit down and have the conversation you need to have with someone to hold them accountable – with love, respect and the desire to help them grow as a result.  Review Monday Missions #14 and #15 for some helpful tips to get started.


Good news.  I am starting a little challenge group, starting on Monday, May 16th, to help YOU create a new relationship with accountability and make a positive change in your life that you want or need to make. Totally free. Web-based, so you can participate from anywhere.

Curious?  Click on the link below to be added to the Make 3 Changes™ in May Challenge Group.  I’ll get you the info you need to participate and you can get ready for making positive change in May!  Details coming out later this week.

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