Make 3 Changes™ Monday Mission #18 – Creating a Possibility Practice

Make 3 Changes™ Monday Missions


Mission #18:  Creating a Possibility Practice – May 2

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Mission #21:  Mindsets for Making Change – May 23

Mission #22:  Make 3 Changes™: A Framework for Moving Forward –May 30


Do you remember a moment when you created a powerful possibility for yourself?  That electric and exciting feeling of having a thought you’d never had before to pursue something you were passionate about?

Sometimes we can get distracted by the day-to-day demands and are disconnected from our dreams, our passions, the endless possibilities that await us.

The most rewarding part of my work is being present when a client gives birth to a new possibility for her life or business.  Let me show you how to create a possibility practice that helps you become more passionate about your life right now and moving forward!

1.  Permission to Daydream: Granted.   One of my favorite thought leaders, Elizabeth Gilbert, posted something on facebook recently that really resonated with me.  “If you’re in a rut, don’t furnish it.”  I cracked up, instantly recognizing the power of that statement.  Give yourself permission to daydream, to create a new possibility.   

2.  Start asking better questions.  Instead of asking questions that lead you down the path of woe, ask questions that take you up the spiral of WOW!  Questions like “What would really delight me?” and “What if…?” are powerful tools for shifting your thinking from probability to possibility!

3.  Make it visible.  Collect images and quotes that call you up and out and into the best version of yourself.  What images would you collect?  What quotes or scripture serve to set you back on course when you wander off (and you will wander off)? Place them all over your life!  In your phone, in your bathroom, on the wall, in your car.  Wherever you are, so are they!

Once you give birth to a possibility, it’s always there.  Once you make it a practice to ask yourself questions that move you forward, you move forward.  Once you make eye-contact with your possibility, make it visible, you make it probable and eventually, it becomes reality.

What new possibilities will you create today?  This week? This month?  I’d love to hear about them!

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What is Make 3 Changes™?

Make 3 Changes™ is a framework designed to help leaders move forward during times of change, challenge and opportunity. For more information about the Make 3 Changes™ framework and how you can use it to navigate changes in your world with more clarity, confidence and commitment, email

What are the Make 3 Changes™ Monday Missions?

These weekly missions are designed to get you thinking differently about various aspects of your life. Each month will feature several missions within a theme, helping you to build awareness, create alignment and take action. It is my hope they provide you with the tools you need to create positive and lasting change in your life, the lives of those you love, those you lead and those you serve. Always open to feedback about your experience. Let’s have some fun and make some changes!



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