Make 3 Changes™ Monday Mission #2 – Start Your Week

January’s theme is all about Beginnings, how you start things.

Last week your mission was to consider how you start your day and make 3 changes that would have a positive impact in your world.

This week I invite you to look at how you think about and plan for the week ahead.

What day of the week do you consider to be the start of your week?

a) Sunday

b) Monday

c) Some other day of the week?

The Power of a Creating a Weekly Practice

Mindset:  Explore the thoughts you have about the start of your week. What are the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes you have about the start of a new week? Are they serving you? Are they holding you back? Are they impacting those around you? Are they impacting your results?

Take 5: Take 5 minutes right now and jot down some of the first words and phrases that come up for you when you think about the start of a new week. What do you see? If your mindset could use a change, how could you reframe your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes to better serve you? Instead of “Here we go again, another week of working to get to the weekend. Sigh.” What about “This week ahead is filled with things I’ve planned that bring me joy and help me move forward.”

This week, I’m introducing some mantras, little phrases that serve to help you turn around your mindset and have a positive impact on your ability to make better decisions about how you show up in the moments that try your patience or drain you.

Mantras: Review the list and highlight any of the ones that resonate with you.

Read them aloud and feel the difference in your body, your heart, your spirit.

  • I am prepared for the week ahead.
  • I am excited for the week ahead.
  • The week ahead is filled with possibilities and opportunities to be of service.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to work and provide for myself and my family this week.
  • I am grateful for the variety of activities on my calendar this week.
  • I am grateful for the resources and support I have to accomplish everything on my schedule this week.
  • I have everything I need to move through this week with ease and joy.

Take 5 minutes and jot down some mantras that would help you to stay focused on showing up how you WANT to show up, showing up at your best

Make 3 Changes™ Monday Mission #2

Take 5 minutes right now and think about what changes you could make to the way you start your week that would have the greatest impact on your peace of mind, others’ experience of you and how you impact the world.

Ask yourself the magic question, “What would it look like if it worked?” and let the answers flow. You know what you need. Give yourself permission to imagine the possibilities. Give yourself permission to create new habits and routines that serve and support you instead of drain and deplete you.

Make 3 Changes to the way you start your week.

Write them down on an index card, on a post it, put them in your note taking app on your phone… capture them and then take action.

You have the power to change for the better.  Let me know what you came up with and how you did!  Check the facebook page this week for additional resources and inspiration to help you create a morning routine that makes a difference in your life, the lives of those you love and the lives of those you lead!



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