Make 3 Changes™ Monday Mission #29: Meetings that Matter – How to Plan & Prepare with Purpose

Monday Mission #29

SEPTEMBER THEME: Meetings that Matter

Mission #29 – How to Plan & Prepare with Purpose

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MAKE 3 CHANGES™ MONDAY MISSION #29:  Meetings that Matter – How to Plan & Prepare
with Purpose

That meeting was a waste of my time.

They aren’t using my talents, my expertise or my interests!

The leader is pushing their agenda.

The meetings get hijacked by one or two people and everyone is too uncomfortable to say anything about it.

It’s like groundhog day – same agenda, same discussion, no action, no movement.

Nothing ever happens there. I can just read the documents instead of going to the meeting.”  

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?  

As a nonprofit leader, paid or volunteer, you are dedicating your time, talent and treasure to a cause that matters to you.  Meetings are a primary vehicle for mobilizing your talent, your volunteers and your board. When your people are saying this about the meetings in your organization, the impact you’re able to have is diminished.  

At their best, meetings leverage the power of the participants to problem solve, innovate, make decisions and build relationships.

At their least, meetings are ineffective and frustrating experiences that alienate the very people you need to move the mission forward.

Each Make 3 Changes Monday Mission in September is designed to help you make the most of the meetings you plan, lead and attend. At the end of the month, I’ll have a toolkit you and your team can use to create positive changes to the way you meet.

Your MAKE 3 CHANGES™ Monday Mission this week is to Make 3 Changes to the way you PLAN and PREPARE for the meetings you lead.

What 3 Changes are you willing to make to improve the quality and the engagement of an upcoming meeting?

1.  Plan & Prepare with Purpose.  

When you get into a rut, don’t furnish it.”  – Elizabeth Gilbert

Those regular meetings you lead – staff meetings, volunteer meetings, board meetings – can get a little stale over time.   You copy and paste agenda items and emails to save time and give little thought to how or why you are meeting in the first place. These are prime candidates for more purposeful planning & preparation. What could you do to be more purposeful about planning and preparing for an upcoming “standing” or “regular” meeting? What impact would that more deliberate preparation have on the outcome?

2.  Un-Invite People.  

Is there a specific purpose for the individual to be in the meeting? Are they expected to contribute?  Are they going to be asked to contribute or help solve a problem, generate ideas?  If there is no good reason for the person to be in the meeting – un-invite them. WHO needs to be in the meeting in order for it to be the most effective? WHY are they invited? What changes could you make to WHO is in the room? What impact would that have on the outcome and the energy of the meeting?  

3.  Communicate Differently.  

When people receive the meeting notice from you – what reaction do you think they have?  Are they rolling their eyes, jumping for joy, or worse yet, not even opening it? What changes could you make to the way you invite people to your next meeting? What impact would it have to create a more engaging onramp to the meeting?

Congratulations!  You’ve probably done more thinking about the why, who and how of your regular meetings than you’ve done in a long time. Preparation and planning with purpose is a powerful and often underutilized strategy.  

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Share your Success Stories.  Have some success with these strategies?  I would love to hear from you!  Let me know what worked and the difference it made!

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What is Make 3 Changes™?

Make 3 Changes™ is a framework designed to help leaders move forward during times of change, challenge and opportunity. For more information about the Make 3 Changes™ framework and how you can use it to navigate changes in your world with more clarity, confidence and commitment, email me.

What are the Make 3 Changes™ Monday Missions?

These weekly missions are designed to get you thinking differently about various aspects of your life. Each month will feature several missions within a theme, helping you to build awareness, create alignment and take action. It is my hope they provide you with the tools you need to create positive and lasting change in your life, the lives of those you love, those you lead and those you serve. Always open to feedback about your experience. Let’s have some fun and make some changes!



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