Make 3 Changes™ Monday Mission #31: Meetings that Matter – The Honor of Your Presence is Requested

Monday Mission #31

SEPTEMBER THEME: Meetings that Matter

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Mission #30 – Lead the Way: Facilitation Strategies for Meeting Leaders

Mission #31 – Presence: Taking Ownership & Being Accountable for How YOU Show up in Meetings


MAKE 3 CHANGES™ MONDAY MISSION #31:  Meetings that Matter –The Honor of Your PRESENCE is Requested 

We blame the culture.

We blame them.

The truth is… We are the culture.

We are them.


When you’re feeling dissatisfied and frustrated with the meetings you lead or attend, are you quick to blame someone else?

Do you find yourself pointing the finger at others who “should” be making it a better experience?

Do you find yourself not showing up at your best, or even worse, not showing up at all, offering excuses and finding ways to re-prioritize your role?

If these questions strike a chord, then I have an invitation for you.  

Your MAKE 3 CHANGES™ Monday Mission this week is to Make 3 Changes to how you show up for the meetings you lead and attend.  

What 3 Changes are you willing to make to enhance your presence?  

1.  Allocate your time.

If the reason you’re not showing up at your best is that you are unprepared or haven’t taken the time to get clear about your role, your contribution, the impact that your presence has on the organization, make some time to do so. Too often we believe this lie and can even get others to commiserate about how busy we are and how justified we are in not fulfilling our roles. The truth is, most of that is in your head. You walk around with a constant cloud of to-do’s that keep getting pushed out and never getting completed. My guess is that if you were to allocate just 60 minutes per week – three 20-minute time blocks – you would be more prepared and more at peace with yourself.  AND this will allow you to be more present for the role you said yes to. If you really do have too much going on, it’s time to say NO to some things. Maybe even this role!  Allocate time for figuring THAT out, too. You have the power to determine how you allocate the majority of your time. Take action and get some traction!

2.  Ask for what you need.

When you abdicate authority to others, expecting them to read your mind or to produce what they said they were going to produce and wait for them to do it, you’re abdicating authority. Ask for what you need. During those time blocks you’ve allocated to work on this project or role, capture some questions, send an email or pick up the phone. ASK for the clarity, the documents, the access to files, the calendar, whatever it is. When you wait and then blame “them” for not giving you what you need or expect you are not being accountable.

3.  Align with your Why.  Do you remember why you said yes to this role?  

Take a moment to get clear about your why. Why does this role matter to you? Why does this organization matter to you? What does serving in this role mean for you? For the organization? If you are no longer able to serve in the capacity you originally signed up for, is it time to resign and make way for someone who is? If your life or business has changed drastically and is needing more of your attention, why not allow your priorities to shift deliberately by making some decisions about where and how you serve. Align and realign with your why as often as you need so you are able to show up with the kind of presence and purpose that will serve the organization, not serve to distract or detract.

Congratulations!  When you are willing to explore how you show up for the meetings you lead and plan, and willing to own that showing up at your best is an inside job, you are going to have far greater impact and influence!

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What is Make 3 Changes™?

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What are the Make 3 Changes™ Monday Missions?

These weekly missions are designed to get you thinking differently about various aspects of your life. Each month will feature several missions within a theme, helping you to build awareness, create alignment and take action. It is my hope they provide you with the tools you need to create positive and lasting change in your life, the lives of those you love, those you lead and those you serve. Always open to feedback about your experience. Let’s have some fun and make some changes!



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