Presence & Awareness

“This not a moment, it’s the movement.” (Track: My Shot)


Being fully present for the moment is a powerful tool for transformation.

Being fully present for the moment AND acknowledging the power you have to move forward and have lasting impact – that’s a calling, a responsibility.

For Hamilton, it’s the revolution and independence. What is it for you? What is it for your organization?

  • What movement are you passionate about in your life? In your work?
  • Are you present for what’s possible or only for what’s right in front of you?

“When our children tell our story, they’ll tell the story of tonight.” (Track: The Story of Tonight)

As Hamilton and his friends prepare to start their movement, they pause to acknowledge the power of the calm before the storm. They know they are about to embark on an effort that will alter the course of history and that what they do moving forward will be the stuff of legends. When’s the last time you had that level of awareness and excitement about what you’re up to in your life? In your work?

  • What are you willing to do to create experiences and meetings that will have people talking for years to come?
  • How can you create more meaning and more purpose in your daily life? How can you create more meaning and purpose in the meetings you lead?

“Dying is easy young man, Living is harder.” (Track: Right Hand Man)

“Winning was easy young man, Governing is harder.” (Track: Cabinet Battle #1)

George Washington, as mentor and Commander to Alexander Hamilton, provides some words of wisdom.

Being a woman of purpose, with purpose, on purpose has its unique set of challenges. There are so many decisions to make. There are so many possible ways forward.

Sometimes, I go down the path that is more of a distraction than something that will ultimately move me forward. Paradoxes. Priorities.  Productive procrastination. What does this look like in your life? In your work?

Taking the long view and focusing on the contribution you are designed and destined to make sometimes means stepping into a different role than you originally planned. Are you the kind of leader who is willing to see the bigger picture and step into a different role for the benefit of your cause, your organization, your destiny?

Every single time I listen to this work of art I am inspired, moved and energized.

I hope you’re ready to join the fan club for this monumental musical.

I hope you will seek out those things that inspire and ignite you, that change you.

I hope you will take time to ponder some of the questions presented and make a change towards what’s possible for you, for your organization.

As I’ve been known to say – Giddy up!



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Whitney Bishop is a Change Agent who creates transformative experiences for leaders who are committed to making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. She has designed a proven process to help leaders and their teams elevate their questions, create new possibilities and take deliberate action. Are you ready to discover the power of possibility and experience breakthroughs that will help you have greater impact and influence in the world? Let’s talk.