Reflect on 2015 – Good Riddance, Glad Tidings & Gratitude

Reflect on 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on its successes and challenges as we transition to a new year. What are you grateful for? What are you ready to let go of in 2016?

Good Riddance!  

Anyone else ready to say good riddance to 2015?  

Anyone else ready to let go of some of stuff in 2016?  Yeah, me too.  

Letting go, releasing things can be easy and it can be hard.  

This year has been filled with great joy and great sadness.  

I’ve lost more loved ones and friends this year than in any other year of my life.  I’ve stumbled through how to handle my own grief and how to be there for the family and friends left behind.

I’ve made some tough decisions in my life and in my business to release relationships and the stuff that wasn’t serving me, that wasn’t bringing out my best or my best work.  

I’ve had some spectacular failures and bad ideas.

I’ve had my heart broken and my feelings hurt, my trust betrayed and my patience tested.

I let go of a couple of bad habits, cleaned out a few closets and kicked some limiting beliefs to the curb.

And I’m pretty sure that next year will bring its own version of stuff I’ll be happy to say “see ya later!” to next year.

This, is life.

Glad Tidings

Business is blooming!  

Since launching The Whitney Bishop Experience in July and Make 3 Changes™ last month, my business has quadrupled.  

I’m honored to serve so many incredible leaders and non-profits.  When I serve those who serve others, I feel like a multiplier.  Being trusted to help an individual be their best, do their best and show up in the world with more clarity and confidence is such an honor.  

The teams and boards I’ve worked with have blown me away with their willingness to really explore the things that are keeping them from being their best, doing their best work.  There is no doubt that I am doing the work I am meant to do in the world.  

I’ve moved into my own office in beautiful downtown Louisville, with a view of the Ohio River.  I’ve started building a team.  I’ve collaborated with some incredible professionals. I’ve enjoyed another year of growth & guidance from my coaching team and the Uplevel community.   

I’ve invested in business tools and experiences that help me be a better consultant, guide, accountability partner, facilitator, trainer and speaker.

I’ve shown up and challenged myself.  I’ve been honored to help others do the same.  I’ve had a lot of fun along the way.  

I’m excited about having been able to spend so much time with my 2-year old granddaughter this year. If you follow me on facebook or Instagram, you already know the cuteness.  Lord knows this little girl has cracked us all wide open.  We are figuring out how to spend quality time together and build our relationship despite the 2,204 miles that separate us.   

My marriage has grown stronger.  

The relationships I have with my kiddos is growing, changing, evolving in a way I’m proud of.  

My circle of awesome continues to enrich me – these fabulous, extraordinary women make life so much more meaningful.

I’ve gotten creative in my little home studio.  

I’ve had some fun travel adventures.  

I’ve seen some great concerts and shows.  I watched my son perform on stage at the Forecastle Festival with my soul-sister’s son beside him, more of his lifelong friends AND Jim James from My Morning Jacket.  (FUN!!!)  

The list of awesome goes on and on.  I’m all about the good news and making space EVERY single day for things that bring me joy, that bring others joy.

I’m gonna keep that up in 2016, how about you?  


Thank you for saying YES to being on my email list.  

Thank you for the referrals, the recommendations and the shares.  

Thank you for the encouragement, the feedback and the interest!

As I scan this growing list of people who said YES to coming along with me, I smile.  Y’all are an impressive group of leaders and givers, thinkers and doers.  

Thank you for being part of it – as a reader, as a follower, as a friend, as a client, as a colleague and as a leader.  I am grateful for your presence, your attention and your feedback.  

I look forward to the opportunity to be of greater service in 2016.  


Happy New Year!




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