Time is on Your Side – STOP and give me 20…

A long time ago, in an office far, far away, I used to feel overwhelmed by the massive number of things rattling around in my head that I “had to do.”

I used to sit at my desk and react to one incoming email and phone call or text after another. Hours would go by and at the end of this reactive trance I would wonder what I had actually accomplished.

And then, I was introduced to the concept of time blocking.  Mind. Blown.

The tools I needed were already at my disposal.  A pen.  A piece of paper.  The timer on my phone.  This is my own adaptation of the Pomodoro Technique, which, if you don’t know about it, you may really love!

If you, too, are feeling like you are succumbing to the onslaught of incoming requests for your time and attention, allow me to introduce this concept to you.  Stop right now and give me 20.  (Minutes, that is.)

20 Minutes – 3 Questions

  • Grab a pen, paper and your phone timer.
  • Set it for 20 minutes.
  • Answer the following 3 questions.
  • Use the time that remains to cross as many items off the list as possible.
  • Feel the relief and the momentum!

1.  Do a brain dump.  Write down every little thing that’s floating around in your head that you have to get done.  Go…

2.  What is the ONE thing that you MUST accomplish today? Write that on a post-it or put it into whatever system you have and block off/protect time to make it happen.

3.  What are my TOP THREE PRIORITIES for this week?  Write them down on a post-it or put this list into whatever system you use and block off/protect time blocks specifically focused on these 3 priorities.

But Whitney, 20 minutes isn’t enough time to make significant progress. Yes it is. Try it.

When you give your brain permission to focus on just one thing, to the exclusion of everything else going on around you, it’s like a multiplier!

Trust me on this.  When you make this a practice you will NOT BELIEVE how much you can accomplish.

Time is On Your Side, Yes it is!

When you realize that you have more control than you think you do, that overwhelm is a choice and that paralysis and indecision are symptoms of a lack of clarity – you will move forward.

My Gift to YOU – TIME to work on how you think about and leverage TIME.

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