Take a Chance, Create a New Possibility

The Education of Whitney:  A Story of Chance, Change & Choice

In 1999, I was 33 years old, newly divorced with two young children. My job as the social education director for a welfare-to-work program had just ended due to funding cuts.  I was in rural Kentucky, away from my friends and family who could help out during this uncertain time. I could go back to being an administrative assistant or I could take a chance, create a new possibility.

An unpopular and expensive endeavor, I chose to move back home to Louisville, find a job, enroll in college to finish my degree and gain the education I knew I needed to pursue a career as a learning and development professional.  It wasn’t going to be quick, easy, convenient or cheap. I changed what was possible for myself with this one choice.  My commitment, stubborn streak and support from friends & family allowed me to push through the million little things that stood in the way of my graduation from the University of Louisville, with honors, in May of 2005.

Since graduation I have been a corporate learning & development professional, Gitomer certified speaker and advisor, non-profit executive director and business owner.  I have been presented with opportunities that were ONLY available to me because I chose to do the work and walk that path.  The knowledge, income, relationships and experiences I have gained since graduating would have astounded my younger, less confident self.

Graduating from college was the punctuation mark that preceded a tremendous period of growth. It gave me confidence and the credentials I felt I needed to move forward.

Let’s talk about you…

  • What possibilities did you create?
  • What changes have you made?
  • What choices did you make along the way to move forward?

I’d love to hear from you! Tell me your story.

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About Whitney Bishop

Whitney Bishop is a Change Agent who creates transformative experiences for leaders who are committed to making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. She has designed a proven process to help leaders and their teams elevate their questions, create new possibilities and take deliberate action. Are you ready to discover the power of possibility and experience breakthroughs that will help you have greater impact and influence in the world? Let’s talk.