Tuesday Training Tip: Going Analog – How to Present Without PowerPoint – Yes, you can!

Have you ever heard the expression “Death, by PowerPoint?”

If you haven’t heard it, you’ve likely experienced it. What is it? Well, it starts with lots of words and bullet points and text on slide after slide after slide after slide.  It doesn’t seem to end.

It continues with a presenter who is basically reading slide after slide after slide after slide.  And finally, you’ve got a copy of the deck in a size you can’t read without a magnifying glass printed out sitting in front of you.

Where are you supposed to put your attention, your focus?  For me, this is the Trifecta of NO when it comes to presenting.  No matter how technical, how detailed or how intensive – it IS possible to present an effective training experience WITHOUT using PowerPoint.

Time to Get Creative and Engage Your Learners


1.  Ask yourself the question – How ELSE can I convey this information and engage my learners? 

Ponder it. Write about it.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and let your imagination wander.  If you lost power or had a fatal technical error and couldn’t rely on your usual tools – how would you still carry out the training?  My guess is that you could find a way to effectively accomplish your objectives AND create a positive learning experience for your participants.

2. Change Up Your Materials & Tools  

Instead of printing slides, create workbooks or worksheets, dashboards with key information they can access over and over again to reinforce the learning.  I stopped printing slides and using them as a handout years ago.  There are some rare exceptions when a client demands it because “it’s the way they do things.”  Some folks have a hard time stepping away from the power of PowerPoint. I do not. My go-to materials and tools are workbooks, worksheets, index cards, post-its, flip charts, markers, dots & painter’s tape. Nearly everything I do can be accomplished using these materials.  What changes could you make to the materials you provide and the tools you use to engage the group? 

3.  Try it once.

Take an upcoming presentation or training and unplug it.  Give it a try.  If you don’t feel as though you can take the risk at work, maybe there’s a volunteer opportunity you can leverage.  Be brave. Take the risk.  The time you spend convincing yourself it won’t work could be spent getting creative and delivering something that engages AND informs. Evaluate what’s possible when you don’t rely on PowerPoint – if nothing else, it will allow you to make better decisions about what’s slide-worthy and what isn’t.


Are you willing to put down the clicker and unplug?

I challenge you to give it a try this week and let me know your results!

I look forward to hearing from you and learning from you!

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