What I Gave Up, What I Gained & What I’m Going for in 2016

A quick reflection of what I gave up, what I gained and what I’m going for in the new year.  Have you taken a moment to reflect on these 3 simple categories? I’d love to hear from you about what you gave up, gained and are going for next year.  Be sure to comment below and share yours!  Cheers…. Happy New Year, Whitney .

What I gave up

Alcohol – January 3rd, 2016 will mark 6 months. One of the best and most deliberate decisions I’ve made in pursuit of being my best self. Grateful to have had my husbands support and participation.

Cable TV – because it made it too easy to click through and surf instead of make deliberate choices about programs I enjoy, that we enjoy as a couple.

Political Apathy – Time to engage, get more educated & find the way to participate without being overcome by frustration and disgust.

Hiding Out – I started putting more of “me” in my writing, in my work and within my relationships. Ever mindful of being vulnerable and letting go of worrying about what other people will think and say. I owned my truth, trusted my truth and spoke my truth in a big way this year and nothing terrible happened.

Regular exercise – I let it go, one excuse at a time. (I’ll be getting my Giddy Up back in gear in the new year)

What I Gained

Confidence – I embraced trusting my instincts, experience and my wisdom first in both personal and business matters.

Clarity – I got really clear about the work I’m doing, who it serves best and how to deliver it. It’s ever evolving and I’m having a blast watching it come together and having fun with friends along the way.

New friends, strategic partners and clients – A phenomenal year of business growth and opportunities to collaborate with brilliant & innovative people.

New skills – Continued to add to my personal and professional toolkit as a facilitator, speaker, trainer and mentor. I love learning & sharing that knowledge with those I love, those I lead and those I serve.

Weight – See above…what I let go of, regular exercise.

What I’m going for in 2016

My word for 2016 is RISE. I will rise above my own excuses and limiting beliefs. I will RISE to be of the highest service to myself and others.

I will RISE each day with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Mindful meals and movement – really getting back into a regular habit of movement & becoming more mindful about the meals I choose to fuel my body & my brain!

Surrounding myself with the people, places and things that bring me joy – Tidying up, cleaning house – metaphorically and literally and keeping joy at the forefront of my experience.

Being more deliberate in all areas of my life – More stuff on purpose than just because.

Share yours in the comments below! I’d love to know what you gave up, gained and are going for in 2016.

Thanks for being part of my life this year!




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